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    North trailhead on Walker Rd, 1¼ mi west of Rt 22. South Trailhead, end of Ferris Lane Essex, NY 12936

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Bobcat Trail


Enjoy an old Christmas tree farm trail that is absolutely charming in the winter. Find the trailhead on Walker Rd 1¼ mile west of Rt 22 in Whallonsburg. This trail goes through an old Christmas tree farm and meadow, to a mixed forest with beaver ponds.


There is a south trailhead at the end of Ferris Road. Walk through the field into the forest. This trail connects with Three Creeks Trail for a loop and Field and Forest Trail. 


(B8 on map) 2¾ mi RT, easy.

Black Kettle Trail


Explore this hidden gem of a trail with interpretive signs and an overlook. Find the trailhead on the south side of Cook Road about 100 yds west of Leaning Rd. The trail is shared with Beaver Flow Trail for about 100 yards, then you will take the left fork onto an old woods road to junction with the trail loop. Turn right to an overlook, hike through upland woodlands and take a short, steep descent to cross a stream. Continue through the forest to a wetland, cross a stream, walk uphill through an old field, re-enter the forest, pass some huge trees, then turn right onto the entry trail and follow back to the trailhead. 


(B6 on map) 1.5 mi loop, easy/moderate


* Cook Road is a seasonal road open for hiking, skiing and snowshoeing in winter.  (Please be cautious as there may be some motorized vehicles on it also.)


** Homestead Trail provides a return route to Cook Rd*. Go right on the road to the trailhead.  (Trail closed Sept. 15 to Dec. 15.)

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